Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rule 5 Draft news

In keeping with the recent frantic tone of the winter meetings, the Rule 5 draft was a surprise to most pundits who expected a quiet one.  Only four teams sat out the first 15 picks.  Which means action for the Astros, who could not protect everyone and probably had more useful and exposed pieces than most.

Heading out of the Houston organisation is:

Delino DeShields Jr (Rangers)
Jandel Gustave (Red Sox, but traded to the Royals)
David Rollins (Mariners)

Heading into the Houston organisation is:

Jason Garcia (Red Sox)

Garcia was subsequently flipped to the Orioles for cash considerations (or, possibly, a PTBNL).

Other than the Astros, only the Rockies organisation lost more than one player in the first round.  They lost two.  Also losing players were the Rays, the Marlins, the Braves, the Rangers, the Cubs, the Twins and the Mets.

Remember that the most likely outcome is that the player is returned to the organisation of origin because keeping a Lo-A pitcher or outfielder-with-attitude on the 25-man for the whole year is difficult.  Unless, that is, unless they discover an "injury" that allows for time on the DL.  So we may well see these guys back in the fold at some stage prior to the end of the 2015 season.

Update:  And because AC readers are the absolute best, we have an update.  Big-bonus-baby and yet-to-stay-in-full-season-ball Ariel Ovando (who is 21) was claimed in the minor league phase, with the intention of turning him into a pitcher.  He throws lefty, so not a bad gamble.  Thanks, Andrew!!