Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hall of Fame Update

With over 100 ballots counted, and over 90 made fully public, the Hall of Fame election is starting to clear up a little bit, and its looking pretty good for Biggio and Bagwell.

Biggio is currently polling at 83.8 percent, on the Baseball Think Factory Gizmo, with 105 ballots counted. Even more important, of the public ballots tallied on Ryan Thib's spreadsheet, Biggio has picked up 4 total votes. I'm sure I don't have to remind you he finished just two short last year. I still expect him to end up near 80% percent, and sail in, once all the votes are tallied. 

Bagwell is a bit of a tougher call. He's looking good in the public ballots, polling at a near 20% improvement over where he finished last year. But oddly, he has only picked up a net 2 votes in the spreadsheet, telling me the majority of the non-voters from last year have yet to reveal their ballot. He'll make gains, but I still don't know yet whether those gains will be modest or if he will take a huge leap. Obviously, the bigger the gains this year the better his chances going forward.

Best case scenario for Bagwell in my mind is him jumping to 65% or more, and Piazza getting in. That will significantly help with the crowded ballot, which will clear up spots for Bagwell. Piazza and Bagwell have been linked for many by unsubstantiated steroids accusations, as well, and if Piazza gets in it make Bagwell's path even clearer.

Ballots were due on December 27th, so the fates are effectively sealed. The official announcement will be made on January 6th at 1 PM CT live on MLB Network. Hopefully, that special will feature some good news for Astros fans, as opposed to the despair and devastation it featured the last two years. Keep watching the Bagwell and Biggio tabs as well, as we continue to track public ballots up to the announcement.