Monday, December 1, 2014

Carlos Pena Apparently Retired / Broadcasting

News via MLBTR today that ex-Stro Carlos Pena has joined the booth at the MLB Network.  Comments about his well-liked and articulate nature were made in the article.

Although Pena was only an Astro briefly, he is involved in one of my favourite 2013 highlights - a walk off three run shot against the Brewers.  The other cool bit about that highlight??  Josh Fields was standing on third, having pinch-run for Carlos Corporan, who was batting in the four hole.

Pena was later DFA'd, and bounced around a bit, later appearing in the Rangers system.  He never quite matched his career years with the Rays, where he did two things well - walk and mash (when given the right pitch).

That highlight also kind of demonstrates how low the Astros were in the first half of 2013.  Corporan batting four??  Things have certainly improved since then.