Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rafters Win!!! The-e-e-e Rafters... Win!!

Tied 7-apeice entering the bottom of the seventh, and the Rafters put the season away with a seven-run inning in the bottom half.  The Javelinas were unable to chip away at that deficit with the 6 outs they had left, so the final score was 14-7 to the Rafters.

How does a seven-run inning happen in a championship game??  Mostly, in this case, a bunch of self inflicted wounds (walks) with the occasional extra-base hit.  It went like this: groundout - walk (Joe Sclafani) - double - intentional walk - walk (immediately after a pitching change) - 2 RBI single - RBI single - walk (bases loaded) - 3 RBI double - fly out - walk (Joe Sclafani, again) - line out.

Evan Marzilli - the player immediately ahead of Sclafani in the order, and also the lead-off hitter, made two of the outs on a ground out and a fly out.  The big hit was a Taylor Featherston bases-clearing double from the nine-hole.  Boom.

Sclafani was batting second and DH-ing.  He had a very strong game: 2-3, 2xBB, 2B, 2R, RBI, K.  On base four of five plate-appearances.  Nice.

On the pitching side of the ledger, only Mitch Lambson made it into the game from the Astros prospects.  He threw a scoreless inning, not allowing a baserunner and striking out one.  He was relieved with one out to go in the game, with Enrique Burgos recording the final out.

Now there really is no baseball until Spring Training.  Unless you count the MLB All-Stars in Japan.  Hope they get a hit next game.


Roseana Auten said...

Thanks for your reporting on the Rafters. What do you think is going on with MLB in Japan. I mean, a no-hitter?

JoeinAlaska said...

Will sclafani have a sot at making the team out of ST? He doesn't have a lot of time in triple A, but they could use his versatility.

Masked Marvel said...

In response to the two comments:

I have no idea what is going on in Japan, although I wonder if, at the end of a long season, the MLB All-Stars' leading game strategy is to breathe stale beer on the Japanese team, and hope they run away. I can't imagine that the guys over there are that fresh.

I certainly think that Sclafani has a shot to make the team out of ST as a utility, but possibly at 3rd base or LF. I can't see them not giving him an opportunity, he has played a fair bit at or above AA. He will get a shot. Could be something to watch at Spring Training.