Monday, July 7, 2014

Tranzactionz: The Astros Start Jettisoning Bullpen Pieces...

... in AA that is.  Alex Sogard, famous for being left-handed and Eric's brother, traded to the D-Backs for Cesar Carrasco.  Sogard was unlikely to get a shot at the Astros ML club anytime soon, especially with his 5.2K/9 versus 4.2BB/9 being unsupportive of a 2.91 ERA.

What is a Cesar Carrasco, one may ask??  Well, he is a corner infield 20-year old out of the Santo Domingo.  He is currently stationed in Lo-A Hillsboro, where he has only 28 PA's on the year, for a .192/.214/.308 line.  I am guessing that he has been injured.  He doesn't seem to have much power or patience, so I am guessing that this trade is about an exchange of organisational pieces, with the Astros cashing in an older player for a lottery ticket.