Thursday, August 21, 2014

Have the Astros signed Brady Aiken yet?

The deadline? to let the Commissioner's office know that teams have signed their draft picks WAS at 7/18/2014 4pm Central. Here is a running update of updates.

UPDATE: UMMM, so this is interesting.
More details

We shall see

UPDATE: 4:15pm: Report that the Astros did not sign Aiken, Nix, or Marshall

 4:13pm: Jim Callis reports a source who said Marshall did not sign with Houston (

4:00pm: waiting on word

3:55pm: No

3:50pm: No

3:40pm: No

3:30pm: No

3:00pm: No

2:30pm: No

2:00pm: No

1:30: No

1:00pm: No

12:30pm: No

12:00pm: No

11:22am: No

11:00am: No

10:30am: No

10:00am: No

9:30am: No

9:00am: No

8:30am: No

8:00am: No