Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Singleton Hits first ML Home Run

Prior to the Home Run, Jon Singleton "drove" his first ML run in the third, on a bases-loaded walk.  Poetically, George Springer was on third at the time.  Won't be the last time we see Singleton driving in Springer, me thinks.

To the top of the 8th!!  "Singles" has not yet managed a Major League hit.  Bases empty, none out.  Matt Shoemaker on the bump, 3-1 count.  93-mph elevated fastball, pounded to right centre, flew into the very back of the Astros bullpen on the CF side.  Caught in the 'pen by a Chad Qualls-like person.  No word on the ransom demand for the ball, yet.

This link should lead the interested party to the video, but I am sure Astros.com will be pimping it for the foreseeable future if it doesn't link right.