Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jake Buchanan to make spot start

Jake Buchanan will start for the Astros against the Rays, at the Trop, in place of Brad Peacock.  As you may be aware, a number of the Astros have had some kind of gastrointestinal bug, and Peacock was the latest casualty.  He apparently spent some time in hospital on a drip.

Regardless, he has not recovered in time, and will give up his start to Jake Buchanan.  The Astros may also take the opportunity to knock everyone back a day, as Peacock could potentially go as early as Sunday, according to Bo Porter.  To make room, (Not Roger)'s name seems to have appeared back on the RedHawks roster, so I am guessing that Clemens has been sent down.

Buchanan is a short-ish (6-0) husky (235lb) 24 year old from Charlotte, North Carolina.  At Oklahoma City this year, he has gone 6-4, 3.54 ERA (3.93 FIP) in 76.1 innings pitched.  He has walked 10, versus 44 strikeouts, and given up six home runs.  I understand that he excels at keeping the ball on the ground, which is fantastic until you play with Villar and Dominguez behind you (I kid, I kid...)

Notably, Buchanan has pitched exactly the same number of AAA innings in 2014 that he pitched in 2013.  He has improved on all his peripherals (except strikeouts) and has an ERA around 0.4 of a run lower, but an FIP 0.3 of a run higher.

I will certainly be watching with interest.  The Astros need to find out what some of these cats can do.

Addit:  This morning, news broke that room on the 40-man was made by putting Jose Cisnero on the 60-day.  Clemens is back in OKC.

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Anonymous said...

Another Wade era draftee getting a chance. All the impact players on this team, minus Altuve, came in during Wade era. Altuve was signed during Purpura era if memory serves right. Plus next wave of impact players also look like Wade guys. Its just funny to see bias of how Wade doesnt get credit for those moves and Luhnow doesnt get criticized for his bad moves - feldman hasnt performed well, lowrie returns have not paid off yet, letting j.d martinez go too early, trading ruggiano go for nothing. Granted we need couple of more season to fully evaluate luhnow, but there are some possible flaws in this FO decision making that needs to be kept an eye on and commented on. I would still have luhnow over wade. However, i havent been a fan of letting jd martinez and ruggiano go for under value, as they both were showing signs that their value was higher. Jd reworked his swing this off season and astros hitting coach was high on his efforts. Ruggiano was hot and killing it in aaa. Giving them few more months in big leagues and trading them when they got hot just made more sense.