Friday, June 20, 2014

Correa to spend most of the second half in Corpus

Speaking at the California/Carolina League All-Star Game, Carlos Correa says he's ready to head to Corpus.

I feel that could happen pretty soon. The Astros and the front office will make that decision. I feel I have been doing pretty well on the field. It is up to them now...I am ready to go back to Lancaster and help my team. If I get that call I will go to Corpus Christi and help win some games.

Luhnow responded on Wednesday:

He will play at Corpus Christi this year, there is no question about it. We want him to get that Double-A experience....He is a young player in an offensive league, you have to keep that in mind...There is zero question on our side anymore of him playing shortstop and at a high level...My guess is he will be spending the bulk of his second half in Corpus.

I don't want to read too much into this, but it seems the Astros were thinking along the lines of, "There's a chance he's a third baseman," like most of us armchair GMs (a term I hate, and will never use again). But that's done for now.

Also, what do you think the timeline for Correa is? If he spends July-August in Corpus, and continues to hit, will he open 2015 in OKC? Or go the Corpus/OKC route in 2015, coming up (at age 21, I might add) in 2016?