Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bud Norris is REALLY pissed about Singleton's deal

Bud Norris, who - for some reason - really seems to care about what happens with a team for which he does not play, has some STRAWNG TAKEZ and REATWEATS regarding the deal Jon Singleton and the Astros agreed upon:

(and here are a couple of Norris's retweets)

And how about some fan interaction:

Parentheses! AND Greater Than signs! This has been brought to you by Bud Norris, Defender of The League.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Cuddly Buddly is just pissed the Astros didn't get 5 of the Orioles top prospects when they traded for him. Sour grapes.

Jayne Hansen said...

I know that this is probably the most superficial take on a player ever, but here goes.

A couple of years ago, Bud did a twitter contest to guess one of the football playoff scores. He was going to give something away ... don't know what because he was being pretty vague about it. It turned out that it was a weird scoring game (I think there were safeties involved or some such), but I was one point away from being right on the money. No one else even came close. I asked Bud what I had won. He said, "Sorry, you missed it by a point" or something like that. Really? You're going to have a giveaway contest and then not actually give anything away? He never said that the guess had to be exact, and it just seemed cheap and tacky to me.

Anyway, as I say very superficial, but I honestly never really cared very much for him after that. I rooted for him because he was on my team, but I didn't cry when he got traded.

The Batguy said...

Ugh, I know exactly what you're feeling, Jayne. I once entered a contest to guess the day Jason Castro was going to get called up. I was closest to the correct date, but never got the tshirt I was supposed to win.

MoleBoy said...

If you aren't going to listen to your agent, then why have one?

Also, for as terrible as Norris thinks the Singleton deal is, he will still make more over the first 5 years than Bud did.

Ronnie Zamora said...

People beating the "should've been in the league months ago" horse are way off the mark. Don't forget that he's 22, and had an absolute train-wreck of a 2013 season with the suspension and then putting up a .687 OPS in 73 games at AAA. The smart move was always going to be to get him more time in AAA so he could prove he was ready for the majors.
(As Jerry Seinfeld would say)Having said that, I wouldn't expect Bud to put that much logic into it.

street said...

Um, Bud, according to Cot's Baseball Contracts, you made less in your first five seasons than Singleton will. And if the Astros pick up his options thereafter, it ain't even (likely) to be close. STHU!