Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Astros sign Jacob Nix, 5th Round Draft Pick

Jacob Nix, the large (6'4", 205lb) right-handed pitcher out of Los Alamitos High School in California, signed with the Astros for a massively-over-slot $1.5M.  Slot value for the 136th overall pick is 370.5K.  He was committed to UCLA, and as an Anonymous commentator says in this draft-day summary (with video!), "Jeff Luhnow hates the Bruins"

No news on whether a knuckle-duster wearing, tattooed, menacing-looking Constable was hovering around in the background.  We will ask when he gets back to the office.

Now, only Derek Fisher remains unsigned.  It is not like he is busy, however, with this "College World Series" thing that he has on.  And Daniel Mengden.  Thanks, observant anonymous reader.