Saturday, May 10, 2014 Draft Profile: Tyler Kolek

We are offering you a parallel universe in which an scout gives a profile of possible 1-1 picks in next month's June Draft.

6'5" 250lbs
School: Shepherd High School

Prototypical Texas pitcher. What it would look like to see Babe Ruth pitch. Stores food in his manbelly pouch to get through the winter and share with various woodland creatures, indicating he is, in fact, a gentle giant. From Texas - can be trusted. 2014 Perfect Game All-American. Loves God, momma, small-ish blondes with a sense of humor. Is a good student at Shepherd High School. Once bear-hugged a man and man-hugged a bear. Nolan Ryan drove to see him pitch. Committed to TCU - Desire to play in Fort Worth indicates questionable makeup. Younger brother plays on Shepherd's baseball team - could be persuaded to hide in Tyler's suitcase and join organization. Sometimes loses control mid-inning. Happens to the best of us - I woke up next to a dead hooker this morning.