Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jose Oritz just dropped the hammer on Jeff Luhnow

So the days of the Chronicle being the Astros' personal Pravda? Gone. Regard:

I mean, that's a very simplistic take - and it does go on. But. Wow. #Wow. 


Anonymous said...

I rarely agree with Ortiz, but that observation is so obvious, it is sad that it actually has to be stated.

Luhnow will hopefully succeed, and I would bet he ultimately has some measure of success, but he is starting (and oh god it will continue) to receive some backlash, some of it will likely be off-base. I suspect much of the backlash is not against Luhnow as much as it is against his cultish followers, most of whom have spent the last two years rabidly defending him against even the slightest criticism.

Overall, if the press and the bloggers had been even-handed in their analysis the last two years, then this inevitable uneven-handed backlash would not occur.

Anonymous said...

I NEVER agree with Him. Can't stand him. The ONLY reason I read his stuff is because he has the inside view I don't. But, Luhnow will have to do more than just draft good players. At some point we will all want to see the results at the Major League level..

bp1 said...

Whether folks like it or not Luhnow isn't going anywhere for at least two or three more yrs regardless of what happens on the MLB field. Imo.