Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jon Heyman, Jeff Bagwell and David Ortiz

Jon Heyman keeps referring to David Ortiz as "HOF Worthy." Jon Heyman has never voted for Bagwell. I'm just going to drop this here.

Source: FanGraphs -- Jeff Bagwell, David Ortiz

Update: One more, just for fun.

Source: FanGraphs -- Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, David Ortiz


Greg Thurston said...

Awesome charts! Do we really care what Heyman says?

(Not Hank) Aaron said...

Well, he has a vote. So yes, a bit.

Teddy said...
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Aaron said...

Seeing WAR disagree with him probably further cements Heyman's opinion

Anonymous said...

Ortiz has no links to PEDs. Oh. Hang on, yes he does. Lots and lots of links.

Consistency!! I love it.

Randall Packer said...

So, you're saying that Jon Heyman is a moron? In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning and water is wet.

Matt Simone said...

Not defending Heyman or anything here but one guy hit. 226 in the playoffs and. 125 in his 1 world series appearance the other guy us arguably the best World Series hitter since Ruth. With that being said, Bagwell should be in the hall already.

Anonymous said...

The postseason thing is of course the gap between Ortiz and Bagwell to a guy like Heyman.

Elsewhere I looked up pitchers who started for the opposition in the postseason games Bagwell played in before turning 33. Here they are:

Greg Maddux (3 starts)
Tom Glavine (3 starts)
John Smoltz (2 starts)
Kevin Brown (2 starts)
John Burkett
Kevin Millwood
Andy Ashby
Sterling Hitchcock

10 starts by Hall of Famers or near-Hall of Fame guys. Kevin Millwood had a 168 ERA+ and led the league in WHIP the year he started against Bagwell. Burkett had his career year (147 ERA+) the year he started. Andy Ashby was coming off one of his best years (117 ERA+). Even Sterling Hitchcock had been perfectly cromulent. That's an exceptionally brutal way to start a postseason career.

The Batguy said...

Not to mention that 10 percent of his postseason plate appearances and his lone World Series came after he had broken down during the 2005 season.

Anonymous said...

Ortiz is sitting when Others are on Field. Great hitter but For me baseball is other. You with tour teammates. Naturally if you never have a position it's difficult to get hurt but overall you are less tired.