Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Morning Hot Links

Hear's youre kneed two no lynx (sorry, that won't happen again):

*Chad Qualls is helping Josh Fields with his mechanics while Luhnow notes that the bullpen would be better if the starters weren't throwing 100 pitches in five innings, and the starters would be better if the offense wasn't hitting .210.

*Bo Porter and Nolan Ryan went to see Tyler Kolek last night (but Silsbee's Brayden Griffin threw a complete game, allowed two hits and struck out ten).

*Jon Daniels, on the Round Rock-back-to-Astros affiliation:
You'd have to ask, 'What's in it for the Rangers?' I'm sure the Astros would like to get back in there, but why would we leave? The Austin area is a fast-growing market, and we've worked hard to establish a strong foothold there...We've made a lot of gains down there, and you can definitely attribute some of those (gains) to the affiliation with the Express. Of course, it helps that the Rangers have been a consistent winner.

Ohhhh. F that. RedHawks president Michael Byrnes:
I believe (the Rangers) intention is to stay there through 2018.