Saturday, May 17, 2014

Astros sign Kyle Farnsworth

The Astros "bolstered" their "bullpen" by signing "Kyle Farnsworth" today, who will join the club in Houston, with Paul Clemens making his way to Nashville to join OKC.

Farnsworth, 38, joins the Astros after being released by the Mets. Thus far in 2014 Farnsworth has thrown 17IP, allowing 18H/6ER, 10K:6BB.

Why get rid of a guy like that? Because by releasing him on Wednesday the Mets save themselves about $750,000 by getting rid of him prior to his 45th day on the roster. Farnsworth isn't happy.

While Farnsworth won't achieve his dream of finding "a team to play this team," I mean, until the 2014 Astros/Mets World Series, of course, he does have that whole White Guy Rage thing going for him, which is worth at least an extra 2mph in velocity.

Farnsworth's FIP (4.49) and xFIP (4.34) are considerably worse than his ERA (3.18), but even those numbers are an upgrade for this bullpen. In 9.2IP this season, RHBs are hitting .200/.263/.353, and away from CitiField, opponents have a .623 OPS.

Say he looks like a nice fella:


I like him already.