Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What They're Saying: G1

Here's what "They" are saying this morning, following the Astros 6-2 win over the Yankees.

New York Post: "And you thought Obamacare got off to a bad start..."

New York Daily News: "CC Sabathia insists there's a mechanical and reasonably explanation for getting lit up by the Triple-A Astros that has nothing to do with his diminished velocity...Whatever the explanation for Sabathia getting lit up in Houston, it's fair to wonder, now more than ever, if the big lefty can survive, never mind thrive, with his diminished fastball."

Poughkeepsie Journal: "CC said he wanted to pitch like a bully again, but he got beat up on his first day back at school."

Sabathia: "I didn't settle in because of the excitement of Opening Day. I backed off a little too much. Balls were up and the changeup was cutting...I wanted to start the season pitching so good, I wound up pitching bad."

Girardi: "It's not what you want, but I had a feeling we were going to lose a game at some point this year so we got it out of the way early."