Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We should maybe pay attention to Gonzalo Sanudo right now


Gonzalo Sanudo.

Sanudo came to the organization in March of last year from the Twins in what was, at the time, an exchange of low-level, non-descript minor leaguers. The Astros gave up Mike Kvasnicka, a very disappointing former 1st round pick who seemably couldn't hit at the low-A level.

So why pay attention?

Because over his last 40 regular-season innings, dating back to July 13, 2013. Sanudo has been putting up numbers that would make video game numbers look like Lucas Harrell.


Games:        25
Innings:        40
Hits:            14
Walks:          3
Strikeouts:   51
OppAvg:  .104
K/BB:      16.3
Runs:    0

Catch that? Sanudo has a streak going of 40 scoreless innings!

Now, before everyone starts petitioning to call him up to Houston, I should note that at this point he's pitching for Quad Cities. If I had a dollar for every relief pitcher in A-ball I've gotten excited about over the last five seasons, I'd be able to move from the dollar menu to a value meal at McDonalds. But that doesn't change the fact that this kid in having an amazing run right now, and we should enjoy watching how this plays out.