Thursday, April 24, 2014

The NBA is stepping up on CSN Houston

Here's Reid Laymance conveying some information regarding CSN Houston:

Now if you're like me, and don't watch much of anything besides baseball, you had to Google who these people are. Adam Silver is new commissioner of the NBA. Tad Brown is the CEO of the Houston Rockets, who are "partners" with the Astros on CSN Houston.

Jim Crane said that he would like a resolution within 30 days, "one way or another," and John Royal noted that Crane doesn't sound terribly optimistic about how this is going to go down.


Anonymous said...

I know who the people are, but don't know what the NBA would be working on regarding this issue. Sure, the Rockets are part of their league, so they are interested, but they are not part owners in CSNH as far as I know and therefore should not be involved in any resolution.

However, if as Royal speculates, the Rockets will purchase more of CSNH, I suppose the NBA might be interested in the long-term consequences of that purchase on the franchise, and thus the league.

Terence said...

I appreciate someone with some power doing some looking into on the situation. God forbid Selig give the Astros any assistance.The NBA and MLB should have pushed the carriers into picking up this channel a long time ago. This process is sucking money out of the NBA and MLB, hurting the teams, league, and product.

Anonymous said...

Its BS that I live in Houston and cant even watch my home team play on TV, would be a lot more interest from the local people in the city if they could actually see the guys on a regular basis. Went to Springers debut and didnt even have half of the stadium filled because the average Houstonian had no way of knowing he was going to be there