Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Opening Day Link Dump

So what if a bunch of other teams played some exhibition games that kinda-sorta counted yesterday? Opening Day starts this evening. Here are some links:

*Florence Nightingale Syndrome is when a nurse falls in love with her patient. Bob Nightengale Syndrome is when a writer falls in love with a player. Here is Bob Nightengale with some back story on How Teh Astors Should Of Drafted Jeets.

*Jerome Williams is showing Brad Peacock the ropes of coming out of the bullpen.

*L.J. Hoes will wear #28 in honor of his uncle.

*A story on the Astros' pursuit of Tanaka which really doesn't illuminate anything at all.

*Phil Garner testified on Brandon Backe's behalf in the police brutality suit against Galveston PD.

*We did a series preview with Yanks Beat Blog.