Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More scouting reports out of Lancaster

Yesterday I gave you the skinny on a couple scouting reports for Vincent Velasquez and Mark Appel. Well, Baseball Prospectus was holding out on us, and posted a few more this morning. In this post, they look at Teoscar Hernandez (who has 5 triples already this season,) Tony Kemp, Rio Ruiz, Carlos Correa, Lance McCullers, and Appel again. There's a lot of good info in their reports, but let's look at the bottom line for each player.

Teoscar Hernandez - "I like the bat and I like his glove; I'd put a 5-plus on his ceiling, with a fourth outfielder as the most likely."

Tony Kemp - "ceiling to me is a utility guy who can play second and all the outfield spots; Skip Schumaker–type player."

Rio Ruiz - "young for the level, let's see if he makes some adjustments....not going to write him off after two subpar games."

Carlos Correa - "Man, I'm in love with this guy...just give it some time"

Lance McCullers - "delivery routinely gets out of whack...Had no clue where the ball was going...eighth-inning guy long-term"

Mark Appel - "much more athletic than I thought going in...no. 2 starter ceiling with a workhorse no. 3 as the floor."

As much as I pulled for those quotes, there's so much more in their fairly detailed scouting reports. Definitely worth checking out.