Monday, April 21, 2014

Detroit tried to trade for J.D. Martinez this winter

A Detroit News article tells us that the Tigers have long been fans of J.D. Martinez - Tigers Assistant GM Al Avila knew him growing up in Miami. They were such fans that Detroit tried to acquire Martinez via trade this off-season, which the Astros declined. And when the Astros released Martinez in March, the Tigers were able to snap him up without it costing them a thing.

Writer Lynn Henning:
Why, precisely, the Astros gave up on a 6-foot-3 220-pound right-handed batter who had been used as a cleanup hitter last season is yet something of a mystery, explained best by an Astros team in the midst of a massive rebuilding program and stocked with excess outfielders. 

Toledo manager Larry Parrish:
He was a kid who hopefully got caught up in some of the stuff Houston might have been talking about - walking and taking pitches - and I'm not sure that really fit him. Hopefully, our style is going to allow him to blossom a little bit and get back to the big leagues.

This season for Triple-A Toledo, Martinez is hittimg .308/.366/.846 with 10HR and 22RBI, including a doubleheader last Saturday in which he went 4x6 with 4HR, 7RBI, and two walks. He added a homer on Friday, meaning his last five hits (in 10 ABs) have all left the yard. In his last ten games he's hitting .314/.400/1.057.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. Glad J.D. is getting another chance to earn his way to the Big Leagues. Tigers come to MMP in late June.

Royal Worm

Vbpepper said...

Yes. Another victim of the craziness of Astros' batting philosophy and coaching. Great to hear he's coming up and will absolutely kick the Astros' collective a---s. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

Glad JD is doing well, but Toledo is not in the majors last I checked....Will say he's in the right organization for a comeback, as he'll see some good pitches to hit as people try and work around Kinsler, Cabrera, Martinez etc.