Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Singleton details drug addiction

The Associated Press' Kristie Rieken has a remarkable interview with Jon Singleton regarding his 50-game suspension and affinity for marijuana.

The Astros issued a statement praising Singleton for his candor and expressed their full support, as they should.

Singleton told Rieken that he has stopped using marijuana "and is better now," having spent 30 days at an inpatient rehab center. When he returned from his 50-game suspension, Singleton admits that he started drinking as a substitute for weed mainly due to his well-documented struggles on the field last season.

Read the whole thing, because it's well worth your time. I have virtually no experience with marijuana, mainly as the result of being a preacher's son and an innate fear of "jail," and "getting in trouble." I absolutely do not want the comment section to turn in to a debate on the pros and cons of marijuana use. That said, from what I do know about Bo Porter, this is a pretty good situation for Singleton. Porter is all about accountability and is an actual Good Person.

Ultimately: Good for Singleton for coming on out and admitting his struggle. The background to Singleton's upbringing is pretty integral to the story, so it was an excellent job on her part, as well.


John Yarbs said...

Two things:

1) Jon Homerton deserves a ton of credit for both owning up to past mistakes and being so candid about his issues with addiction (marijuana, alcohol, etc. - doesn't matter, it's still addiction). You have to think there are countless other stories around baseball (particularly in the minors) that get brushed under the rug or spun as something else. It was nice to read something that felt real.

2) From a baseball perspective, I also think this is a really important step forward for the organization, particularly as it relates to teammates and coaches creating a support system for him. the cynical view is that this admission diminishes Singleton's value to the organization. To those people I'd simply state that life's too short to pretend you have it all together when you need help. Good for Jon for speaking up.

Anonymous said...

Well said, John.

Anonymous said...

i wont even be mad if he gets munches and becomes this era's mo vaughn