Monday, March 31, 2014

No, you won't be able to watch the Astros on Extra Innings

In an effort to find a workable solution to the CSN Houston impasse, Jim Crane had mentioned the possibility of streaming games online or having MLB waive the blackout restrictions on those who purchased MLB Extra Innings (or Well, of course, that's not going to happen.

Extra Innings and MLB TV are for out-of-market games only, and MLB rules do not allow for local blackouts to be lifted unless a local carrier is not carrying a game in its home market. 

And it was foolish to even entertain the idea that MLB might waive the blackout restrictions. Baseball is a game of precedents. One player makes a boatload of money, a similar player makes a shedload. So to think that MLB would involve themselves in breaking the restrictions on the arcane blackout rules for the Astros, and interfere with the potential revenue of CSN Houston, and not do the same for the Dodgers or Phillies is silly.

Enjoy another season of not watching the Astros unless you get and an IP scrambler.

Meanwhile, by the end of April, CSN Houston will owe the Astros $36m. So that's cool. One media observer:
They've discovered the perfect way to run a regional sports network. You just don't pay the teams.


Anonymous said...

lets talk about that IP scrambler. I live in virginia right now so viewing the Astros are not a problem. However, I'm moving to Mississippi in September and if I find myself in the Astros territory...I'll be SOL.


Anonymous said...

Jim Crane will never shy away from outright lies if it serves his interest. People deservedly rag on McLane, but he is a model of honesty compared with Crane.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi is not Astros territory. It is TX, LA, OK, AR and NM.

Anonymous said... + worked well for me last year.


As an aside... that captcha gives me fits every. single. time. I'm starting to wonder if I am in fact a robot.

Rev Koosh said...

Use Chrome for get an extension like Stealthy and buy a Chromecast. Astros on your TV no matter where you are.

Roseana Auten said...

Where does this leave fans who are in the Astros market, but who aren't in the Houston market?

Anonymous said...

Forced to steal viewings. GOOD JOB MLB! Not.