Friday, March 28, 2014

Good Clubhouse Guy is backup Twins outfielder

The Twins placed Alex Presley on waivers in order to keep Jason Bartlett, who is a "good clubhouse guy" and "has never played in the outfield" as their backup centerfielder.

The Star-Tribune's Phil Miller:

Jason Bartlett was hired to make over the atmosphere in the clubhouse. Yes, he’ll back up five or six positions, too, but “we’re trying to maybe change that clubhouse environment a little bit,” said assistant general manager Rob Antony, “and I think he can be part of doing that.”

Manager Ron Gardenhire:
Jason’s a winner. He knows how to play, he knows what it takes. We need some of that. We’re a little lost out there right now. We’re trying to figure it out.

Antony, who acquired Presley from Pittsburgh for Justin Morneau last August, was surprised that Presley didn't play well, apparently:
I was a little surprised that his speed didn’t play better, in the outfield and on the bases. Coming into spring training, I didn’t see how he wasn’t going to be on the team.