Monday, March 17, 2014

Astros 15th in off-season spending

The invaluable MLB Trade Rumors put together a list of total free agent spending this off-season, and broke it down by team.

Where are the Astros? Why they no spent all moneys? Wait. They were 15th in off-season free agent spending - with $44m. A big chunk of that was Scott Feldman, of course, but at least the Astros didn't go the Pirates' route...spending only $7m to date. Of course, the Astros' $44m is just under a tenth of what the Yankees spent this offseason but whatever.


Lyle said...

15th is also one spot higher than Forbes valuation of the Astros as a going concern.

They're outspending themselves! Huzzah!

Jay said...

The 20 or so wins they added through Feldman, Fowler, the three bullpen guys and continued development of young guys should help boost attendance..probably not as much as Springer or Appel would however.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Astros are not in the same position as the Yankees as far as their team goals right now, so that's fine with me.