Friday, February 7, 2014

Royal: Rockets not just a victim

The Houston Press' John Royal has a good breakdown of the briefings and filings from the last round of court battles over CSN Houston. You should immediately go read the whole thing, but basically what we find is that the Rockets aren't just the damsel in distress/hooker with the heart of gold in this sordid tale.

Throughout this process the Houston Rockets have generally been seen as the innocent party, working hard to make deals happen only to have them vetoed by the greedy Astros...The Astros also stated that when Comcast began considering the bankruptcy, it asked the Rockets to be the lead creditor. The Rockets would do so only if paid $500 million by Comcast, which Comcast would not do.

There is a lot skipped over by our ellipses, so be sure to read Royal's breakdown. Basically you'll find that everybody has been stupid at some point over the last two years.