Friday, February 28, 2014

Lineup for ST1 vs. Braves

Baseball game today! The Astros are seeking to win their first game since September 13 when they take on the Barves in the first Spring Training game of the season. Here's the lineup:

1. Fowler - CF
2. Altuve - 2B
3. Krauss - RF
4. Carter - DH
5. Wallace - 1B
6. Dominguez - 3B
7. Corporan - C
8. Grossman - LF
9. Villar - SS

Lucas Harrell is on the bump.


Anonymous said...

I'll put $$$ down that Brett "The Whiff" Wallace strikes out in his 1st at bat!

Anonymous said...

Why is there always an anon saying: 'Brett "The Whiff" Wallace'? We get it, Dude. He strikes out lots. Please come up with a new line. Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

And yep... anonymous is a prophet --- Wallace struck out in his 1st at bat!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Brett's in midseason form. 0-3 with 2 k's.

Let's play ball!

--- KH

God said...