Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MLB.com writers reveal their ballots

There are 17 writers for MLB.com who are eligible to vote for the Hall of Fame. Today, MLB.com published their ballots. We can also look and see how they voted last year. Let's see what we can see, eh?

Dodgers' Beat Writer Ken Gurnick wins the Douche of the Day award by only voting for Jack Morris (and that's why there will never be a unanimous Hall of Famer) and closing his "thoughts" with this:
As for those who played during the period of PED use, I won't vote for any of them. 

Well! I guess we know that there weren't any PEDs in baseball in 1994!

Voted for both Bagwell and Biggio:

Mike Bauman, Barry Bloom, Chris Haft, Paul Hagen, Richard Justice, Dick Kaegel, Tracy Ringolsby, Phil Rogers, T.R. Sullivan.

Did not vote for Bagwell or Biggio:

Hal Bodley, Ken Gurnick, Terence Moore, Marty Noble

Did not vote for Bagwell:

Carrie Muskat, Mark Newman, Tom Singer, Lyle Spencer,

*Everyone who voted for Bagwell also voted for Biggio.
*Bloom did not vote for Bagwell in 2013.
*Moore voted for both Bagwell and Biggio last year, and only checked five names on this ballot. He wrote this year: "My voting method is simple: numbers and feel." I guess the numbers and feel changed in 12 months. 
*Hal Bodley: "I'm not ready to vote for Biggio"
*Marty Noble: "I don't want 28 people entering the Hall at once, so I limited my checks on the ballot to three."
*Tom Singer voted for Edgar Martinez and Rafael Palmeiro, but not Bagwell.
*Lyle Spencer "regretted" leaving off Bagwell, but did use all ten spots.