Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hall of Fame Update

Hall of Fame Ballots were due on December 31, so at this point, Biggio and Bagwell's fate is sealed. All that's left now is the waiting. We have been keeping track of public ballots here (Bagwell) and here (Biggio). The percentage listed comes from The 2014 HOF Ballot Collecting Gizmo! compiled by Repoz at the Baseball Think Factory. 

So far, Biggio is performing much better than last year and Bagwell has actually made some small gains as well. Last year, Biggio dropped two percentage points from the end of the Gizmo to the final results. At over 80%, Biggio looks good to make it right now, but is far from a lock. Something to keep your eye on is the number of Biggio voters who are dropping him to make room on their ballot for the first timers. So far there have been 5. If that numbers grows, it will be that much harder for Biggio to maintain the 75% threshold. Bagwell really has no shot this year, but it doesn't look like his numbers will drop significantly from last year, which bodes well for the future. 

We will find out for sure on January 8, 2014. Until then, watch this video, and marvel that somehow 20% of BBWAA voters so far do not think this man is a Hall of Famer. Well done, Lloyd Richey. Well done.