Friday, January 10, 2014

Feldman contract details revealed

We alluded to it at the time of the signing, but hallelujah the Astros front-loaded Scott Feldman's contract. Jon Heyman is reporting the details of Feldman's contract as...

2014: $12m
2015: $10m
2016: $8m

We've been wondering why teams don't do this more for years. Players decline in value over the course of their contracts, especially 30-year old why not pay for the value you know (think) you're going to get? Then, if you want to move the player during the life of the contract, it makes it easier, because the team isn't trying to trade a 34-year old pitcher scheduled to make $125m in one season*.

So good work, Astros. 



Chris Cupp said...
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Chris Cupp said...

I agree. I can't understand why teams don't do this more often. I suppose it stems from the fact that most people don't like to decrease in pay each year, they'd rather get more month for playing. That a problem in MLB. Teams end up paying for past performance instead of future performance. It would be GREAT if Feldman's contact meant that he was extremely underpaid/undervalued in a perfect world right?

Anonymous said...

It's probably because teams don't leave themselves with enough wiggle room on the front end and there's no budget. In order to get a deal done for the players asking price, the team is forced to backload the contract. It's the same reason why many companies (& people) choose only to get help AFTER sonething goes wrong instead of working to prevent the problem in the first place. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

I have an erection over how smart our front office operates.