Friday, January 31, 2014

Brown: Nolan Ryan could move quickly up the ladder

Maury Brown has an interesting post over at Forbes saying that Nolan Ryan could move quickly up the Astros' corporate ladder...if he accepts a position in the first place.

A snippet:

Doesn’t Nolan Ryan as President of Baseball Operations/General Manager get him back to where he wanted to be with the Texas Rangers, and build credibility on the PR side with fans of the Astros?
It could happen. It could happen and it could be a mistake (given time, and smarts, the Astros plan in place may actually get the team out of the cellar and into a competitive position in the AL West)...But plans can change. Owners can be swayed. And given that Crane and the Astros haven’t exactly made a lot of fans with their moves—smart or not—it would be hard to say no to Nolan Ryan if he wanted to do more than just play consultant.

Now I can certainly understand that Nolan Ryan doesn't just want to be a figurehead of an organization - it's sort of why he left the Rangers. And while the entire column is speculation, I have a very hard time seeing Crane break with Luhnow and the entire front office in order to install Nolan Ryan for PR. Crane hasn't really given two craps about PR to this point, so I don't know why he'd do an about-face.

The other, entirely reasonable possibility is that I simply don't want to believe that Crane would remove The Law Offices of Jeff Luhnow in favor of Nolan Ryan.

I could, however, envision a scenario where Ryan busts in to the offices of DirecTV, UVerse, and Suddenlink or whatever it's called and puts CEOs in a headlock until the Astros get a Dodgers-esque TV deal.


Teddy said...

Even if Crane wanted to offer the job to him, I just don't see Nolan taking the job away from his son. Even after working there a couple of years, I still don't think Nolan would feel comfortable replacing his son, just doesn't seem to be in his nature to do that to his family.

Anonymous said...

He can be in charge of convincing everyone how flushing a half-century of NL history is a wonderful thing. Special emphasis should be placed on the natural rivalry with the Mariners.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the natural fit to get Nolan to either (i) be responsible for the new spring training home or (ii) facilitate the acquisition of a AAA franchise and undertake the relocation plans?? I imagine Nolan would have an ownership stake in the minor league team. My uneducated guess is that these two roles would be the best fit for someone with a mix of name and a number of unique skills like Nolan.

Reuben said...

No thanks. I don't want Nolan Ryan (who, by the way, appeared to be a major voice in pushing for the Astros to be relegated to the American League) having anything to do with major decision-making for the Astros, particularly if it would mean superseding Luhnow and his crew. Stick to the plan!

John Martin said...

Love Nolan, but he shouldn't be anything more than an occasional instructor similar to the role Clemens currently has. By all accounts, Luhnow's rebuild of the farm system has been more successful than any of us could have hoped. The Astros need to let that play out and see if it translates into Major League success.

Reuben said...

This comment is very troubling to me: '"He'd probably advise in all aspects of the business," Crane said. "He's been at it a long time and certainly has a lot of experience on the field. [Possibly] confirming some of Jeff's decisions and working with Jeff on the baseball side. He ran the business side of the Rangers.'

From this article: