Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Biggio, Bagwell shut out of Hall of Fame

Well well. What do you know? Craig Biggio got 74.8% of the vote, meaning that he was probably two votes - out of around 600 - shy of the required 75% cut-off to be elected into the 2014 Hall of Fame class. This ties Pie Traynor and Nellie Fox for the closest margin by a player not elected.

Jeff Bagwell's vote totals actually dropped to 54.3% of the vote.

And in a perfect metaphor for the bed-crapping that is the Base Ball Writers Association of America, their server is down. More analysis* to come.

*fire & brimstone


Brad said...

I'm still hoping the voters get their act together and vote them in together. And who voted for J.T. Freaking Snow!?

Anonymous said...

Jacque Jones got a vote as well. Un freaking believable. MLB is shooting themselves in the foot with their system. They've made a mockery of the hall of fame. It's very sad.