Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Morning After Link Dump

There are now officially too many stories to do a post on each, so let's just lump them all together. Here's what you need to know, 16 hours after the Fowler trade.

*David Schoenfield: The Rockies have no plan

*Jeff Sullivan: The Rockies are betting on Lyles getting better in the future

*Keith Law: The Rockies should have gotten more for Fowler

*Luhnow, on Fowler's numbers:
The way our forecasting models work, we put players into neutral environments and project their performance in a neutral park. We feel pretty good that our projections are accurate and that this player has a tremendous value for us.

*Drellich: The Astros aren't concerned about Fowler's injuries. The Crawfish Boxes agree.

*Drellich: Jordan Lyles does not feel like he was rushed to the Majors (this is something we will actually look at later today)