Monday, December 23, 2013

Fangraphs Top 15 Astros Prospects and Interview with Mark Appel

Take a break from your Christmas festivities to read up on the top 15 Astros prospects, according to Fangraph's Marc Hulet. No real surprises at the top, but some interesting choices in the bottom half.

Then check out David Laurila's interview with Mark Appel, in which he discusses the importance of pitch sequencing and his overall approach.

This should really put all of us in a very festive mood.


Anonymous said...

If we do things right, we can have Appel in Lancaster for a full year, AA for a year, AAA for two years and not start his clock until 2018 and have him cheap until 2023. Then we will be set up to get Lance McCullers III at 1.1 in 2032. Gotta love a great plan! Absolute genius. 1oldpro

Anonymous said...

That wont happen nor should it.