Friday, December 6, 2013

Astros Sign Scott Feldman

Another of the moves Luhnow has been hinting at dropped today, as the Astros signed Scott Feldman to a 3 year deal with 30 million dollars. Feldman is 31.

Feldman was a Ranger up until last year, when he signed a one year deal with the Chicago Cubs. He was traded mid-season to the Orioles, and apart from a horrific last start to the season, pitched very well for them, ending the year with a 3.86 ERA and a 12-12 records. The year before was a bit rougher as far as the ERA went, but his peripherals were roughly the same. In fact, he has had a FIP between 3.80 and 4.00 the past three years, and that is roughly what we can expect from him in Houston.

Feldman will serve to solidify the rotation with a veteran presence, which has been one of the goals of the off season. Its not an overly exciting signing, but Feldman is a good pitcher, and 10 million per year seems to be the going rate for those this off season.


Anonymous said...

You are right in saying that this isn't the exciting signing that most fans wanted, but it's a typical Luhnow move. He's a solid veteran presence, didn't cost an outrageous amount of money and most importantly didn't cost him his precious draft picks. I love this deal for all those reasons and more including the fact that it didn't cost more than a 3 year commitment. Anyone who really believed the Astros were willing to part with someone from the young core of up-and-comers for David Price doesn't really understand how this regime works. It was never going to happen. Fowler and Feldman are solid additions that won't stunt the growth of the future faces of the franchise but add some much needed veteran depth. Good deal Mr. Luhnow. So far so good on the 2013-14 off season..

Anonymous said...

^ agree. people can whine about how 10M per is too expensive, but thats just the going rate for a quality veteran starter.

Plus, we're not paying...Mr. Crane is. Feldman isn't a sexy pick-up, but that isn't what this team needs right now. Feldman provides the stability we need.

Now, lets get some QUALITY bullpen arms, and we're ready to take the step to respectability.

Lucas Levin said...

I agree. Its a solid move that we could easily trade if he pitches like last year. He's also been with rangers and orioles which are more competitive and winning environments.

Its exciting to dream of big FA.... but I would rather have home grown talent in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

He isn't just a veteran stabilizing influence. He's also a very real upgrade to the rotation. Just as Fowler is an upgrade to RF/CF over the guys we ran out there last year. I'm just happy to see improvements that in no way hamper the future of the club.