Monday, November 11, 2013

Unnamed exec thinks the Astros trade for David Price

It's that time of year when we bloggers take one throwaway phrase and turn it into a big deal because (a) there's really not much else to talk about or (b) because we're putting off doing a recap of Rhiner Cruz.

In Jerry Crasnick's Hot Stove Executive Questionnaire, he asks 21 GMs and Assistant GMs questions about the off-season. It's been a long time since the Astros were mentioned as an answer. But here it is, regarding David Price:

Will the Tampa Bay Rays trade David Price this winter? If yes, what's his most likely destination?

Responses: 17 participants said the Rays will trade Price this winter, while 4 said they'll hang on to him. Of the 17 yes votes, here's the predicted breakdown of his destination: Texas Rangers 9; Los Angeles Dodgers 4; Washington Nationals 1; St. Louis Cardinals 1; Los Angeles Angels 1; Houston Astros 1.

The haul that it would take to get David Price would be enormous. One exec says to take the Shields trade (that brought back Wil Myers - the Royals' top prospect) and "add to it." So start your thinking with George Springer.

Basically if this gets any further traction, we'll write about it. But until then, I'm not going to start freaking out until more than one executive thinks it's more of a possibility.