Sunday, November 17, 2013

Astros could consider alternate broadcasts

Assuming the CSN Houston thing doesn't get resolved before April 1 - which isn't a stretch to assume because it's all gone sooooo well over the last 13 months - Jim Crane has said they're considering some sort of streaming option or anything to let fans actually watch Astros games:

We've gone out and said that we would be hopeful that we'd be able to come with some other type of streaming, or some other mechanism, where the fans could see the game. Once we get past this stage, if we don't get something resolved, then we'll be working on that. We haven't really put a plan together on that. We've got until April 1 to do it. But I want the fans to see the games, that's clear.


farmstros said...

If Astros can only be seen via streaming online, it won't be unprecedented in MLB broadcast history. If my memory serves, the only way Expos fans could listen to games in English was via the internet. I'm not even sure if games were available on television.

Anonymous said...

I would easily drop 10 bucks a month year round just to see games thru my xbox. 15 bucks a month though would be pushing it but I still might do it.