Friday, October 25, 2013

Brad Mills owns a bull named Tuve

So this is something you probably didn't expect to see. Courtesy of someone on Twitter (I can't remember who) and the link dump on Climbing Tal's Hill, we find an...odd story about former manager Brad Mills' two-year old bull that he named Tuve, after Jose Altuve, of course.

I would also be willing to bet a decent sum of money that you did not know that Brad Mills is "a bull-loving hobbyist who is passionate about the sport" and is a former steer rider. Why Tuve?

Jaynes told the ex-Astros skipper that the young unnamed bull he just bought was little, quick, athletic and good. “That’s Altuve,” Mills said. And a bull’s name was born.

So how did little Tuve fare in the rodeo highlighted within the article?
Tuve flew out of the gate, only to fall down in his excitement.

And damn if that isn't just about perfect for 2013...