Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Astros/Blue Jays to share Spring Training facilities

We mentioned this in the link dump the other night, but now it seems certain that the Astros and Blue Jays will share Spring Training facilities in Palm Beach Gardens on Florida's east coast.

With the help of $100m (half from the State, half from local governments), the new facility will be constructed in time for 2016.

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Meanwhile, Blue Jays and Palm Beach Gardens officials said the deal is not quite done. Palm Beach Gardens spokesman Tom McNicholas:
We are thrilled that Jim Crane and the Astros are committed to Palm Beach Gardens and Palm Beach County. However, right now we are only preparing for the public process and we have much due diligence to complete in an effort to be certain this project is good for our community.

And Palm Beach Gardens council member David Levy thinks that Crane is being "optimistic, if not unrealistic."