Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tanner Bushue retires

Via What the Heck, Bobby, we find within this story from the Albany Times-Union on the ValleyCats playoff push, we find that 2009 2nd Round pick Tanner Bushue has retired from baseball.

Bushue pitched in five games in 2009 (2.42 ERA/1.03 WHIP) before stress fractures in his spine shut him down for the season, but still was good enough for Baseball America's 9th-ranked GCL prospect for 2009 and their Astros' 7th-best prospect following the season.

He spent 2010 in Lexington where he threw 133.2IP, allowing 129H/61ER, 114K:48BB for a 4.11 ERA/1.32 WHIP, which got Bushue the #3 Astros prospect ranking from FanGraphs, #5 from the Hardball Times and Keith Law, and #6 from Jonathan Mayo following the season.

Injuries saw Bushue go on and off the DL in 2011, a season where he threw just 85.1IP, 103H/47ER, 58K:17BB for a 4.96 ERA/1.41 WHIP.

In 2012 between Greeneville and Lexington, Bushue threw just 39.2IP, 59H/41ER, 44K:27BB for a 9.30 ERA/2.17 WHIP (18.82 ERA/3.00 WHIP in six games for Lexington). What happened? WTHB talked to Dave Borkowski and found that his injuries and execution were limiting his effectiveness.

In 49IP for Tri-City in 2013, Bushue allowed 40H/28ER, 40K:13BB, for a 5.14 ERA/1.08 WHIP. Best wishes to Bushue, who is still only 22, after all.

Only nine eight picks from the 2009 draft are still with the organization: Major-Leaguers Dallas Keuchel (7th Round) and J.D. Martinez (20th Round); and PreStros Jio Mier (1st Round), Telvin Nash and Jonathan Meyer (3rd Round), Brandon Wikoff (5th Round), Enrique Hernandez (6th Round), Ben Orloff (9th Round) and Erik Castro (10th Round).


What The Heck said...

Ummm. Orloff retired too.

Astros County said...


OremLK said...

Oh lord. That 2009 draft, after being so hyped, is looking really terrible now. It looks like Martinez and Keuchel may not make it as MLBers, and Jio Mier looks like he may not ever show his face with the big league club at all. How disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, it would be surprising if anyone in that draft does anything on the MLB level. Maybe Castro? But he's old for AA and has been limited to 1B. I really don't think Bobby Heck did anything special, it was that the previous regime was so terrible, he couldn't do any worse.

Anonymous said...

There still is some help that Keuchel will prove to be useful as he has had up and down success/lack of success this year and last. JD Martinez with his injuries is still out as to what he will do. Mier is looking like a HUGE bust, especially since he was drafted (like a lot of teams) before Mike Trout was chosen. There have been a lot of SS who have surpassed Mier in the depth chart on that position.