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PreStros Morning Report: August 31

Playoff Picture

Oklahoma City will start a Best-of-Five series at home against Memphis or Omaha on Wednesday.
Corpus will start a Best-of-Three series at home against San Antonio on Wednesday.
Lancaster will start a Best-of-Five series at home on Saturday
Quad Cities will start a Best-of-Three series at home against Cedar Rapids on Wednesday.
Tri-City 0.5 GB with four to play
Greeneville will start a Best-of-Three series on Wednesday.

Oklahoma City (80-62)

Memphis got six runs on the board before OKC even came to bat in what would be a 7-3 OKC loss. David Martinez allowed 6H/6ER, 1K:2BB in 1IP; Eric Berger came in and threw four innings of no-hit/one-walk relief; Rhiner Cruz allowed a hit in 2IP and Wade LeBlanc allowed 2H/1ER in the final 2IP.

Jimmy Paredes was 2x4 with a triple; Marc Krauss was 1x3 with a walk; Che-Hsuan Lin hit a solo homer; Geroge Springer and Brandon Laird provided RBIs.

Man of the Match: Going with Eric Berger

Corpus (82-56)

That's a franchise-record 82 wins for the Hooks, who got it by coming back from being down 7-2 in the 5th and 9-6 in the bottom of the 9th. Ronny Torreyes hit a walk-off three-run triple to complete the comeback with a 10-9 win over San Antonio. Matt Heidenriech allowed 7H/3ER, 1K:1BB in 3IP; Kyle Hallock gave up 5H/5ER, 2K:2BB in 3.1IP; Cameron Lamb got two outs, Andrew Robinson allowed an earned run in 1IP and Jonas Dufek gets his 7th win in 13 appearances for Corpus.

Torreyes was 4x6 with a double, triple and three RBI; Preston Tucker was 4x5 with a walk and an RBI; Matt Duffy was 3x5 with a double and an RBI; Erik Castro was 2x3 with a walk and 3RBI; Jio Mier and Drew Muren (2B, RBI) were each 2x4 and Leo Heras was 0x4 with two walks.

Man of the Match: Ronny Torreyes

Lancaster (81-57)

Lancaster had a 3-0 lead, but Rancho Cucamonga chipped away, getting the tying run in the 8th and the walk-off in the 10th for a 4-3 win over Lancaster. Colton Cain allowed 5H/2R (1ER), 7K:0BB in 7IP and picked two runners off first base; Gera Sanchez allowed 2H/1ER in 1IP and Michael Dimock gave up 2H/1ER, 2K:2BB in 1.2IP. The pitching staff did hold a rehabbing Matt Kemp to an 0x3 night for the second night in a row.

Brandon Meredith was 2x4 with an RBI; Chris Epps was 1x4 with a two-run homer; MP Cokinos was 1x4 with a double.

Man of the Match: Colton Cain

Quad Cities (79-57)

A 4-2 lead lasted half an inning as Beloit got three in the top of the 6th for a 5-4 win at Quad Cities. Juan Minaya allowed 3H/2ER, 5K:1BB in 5IP; Richard Rodriguez allowed 4H/3ER, 3K:1BB in 4IP.

Carlos Correa was 2x4 with a three-run homer; Tony Kemp was 2x4 and Teoscar Hernandez added a double for your only hits of the game. Austin Elkins, Jobduan Morales and Jordan Scott each drew a walk.

Man of the Match: Carlos Correa

Tri-City (41-31), 0.5 GB

A 5-2 Lowell win means Tri-City loses its 5th in a row and Lowell wins its 5th in a row to take over the division lead by a half-game with four to play. Adrian Houser allowed 7H/5R (4ER), 2K:1BB in 4.1IP; Chris Munnelly gave up a hit and a walk in 1.1IP and Evan Grills struck out four of the seven batters he faced in 2.1 perfect innings.

A rehabbing Daniel Bard faced six ValleyCats, struck out two and walked four. Ronnie Mitchell was 2x3 with a walk; Tyler White was 1x5 with 2RBI and Brett Booth, Adam Nelubowich and Chan Moon each had a hit and a walk.

Man of the Match: Evan Grills

Greeneville (38-30), 2.5 GB

Game against division-leading Kingsport postponed due to rain. If necessary, it will be made up on Tuesday at Kingsport (whom the Gastros will face in the first round of the playoffs).

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