Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Preliminary 2014 schedule out

Reid Laymance has a preliminary copy of the 2014 MLB schedule - which will be released today. What we know so far:

*The Astros will host the Yankees to open the season on April 1.
*Interleague play is with the NL East.
*The Astros "natural rival" isn't the Rockies anymore, apparently. It's the Diamondbacks. Because it's only natural that your natural rival changes from year to year.


Mike Fast said...

My understanding is that the Astros and Rangers will flip "rivals" every other year, so that the Astros play the Rockies in odd years and the Diamondbacks in even years, and vice versa for the Rangers.

Astros County said...

Somehow, this makes me more angry with MLB.

farmstros said...

Rivalry-Swapping? That sounds unnatural to me

blazemule said...

Can we be rivals with Bud Selig, every other year the team just beats him with soap in socks while he is held down by a blanket. Odd years he can just sit there drinking a Zima thinking about how much everyone hates him.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Nice Zima reference.