Monday, September 23, 2013

Notes on a nine-game losing streak

Since opening September with a 7-5 record, including a four-game win streak, the Astros have lost nine games in a row - seven in a row to playoff contenders, with their last six (merciful) games of the season coming against teams that absolutely have to win them. How did this happen?

*No offense. In only one of their last nine games have the Astros scored more than two runs - a 6-5 loss to Cincinnati - and have scored 14 runs in these nine games (allowing 47 runs).
*No big hits. The Astros have left 64 men on base in this losing streak - including 16 LOBsters in the 13-inning 6-5 loss to the Reds.
*Ks! The story of the Astros season continues to be their chase to strikeout more than anybody has even considered striking out. In these nine games, the Astros have struck out at a 4:1 ratio, 84K:21BB.
*Astros pitchers have given up 25 extra-base hits (17 doubles, three triples, five homers).
*While Brett Oberholtzer threw a 59 Game Score, Dallas Keuchel is the only starter to post a Game Score over 60.
*The Astros have more starters with a Game Score of 33 or under than they do of 50+.
*ERRRRORRRRRS. The Astros have lost two one-run games in which there were unearned runs.
*Because it's the Astros.