Saturday, August 17, 2013

Peacock has developed a slider

Brad Peacock's last three starts:

19.1IP, 11H/4ER, 20K:8BB.

In those three starts, he has lowered his ERA from 8.07 to 5.59 (helped by a .174 BABIP, but still...) So what has changed? According to Jason Castro, he's developed a slider.

He's also developed a slider, which has been a big pitch for him. He threw a lot of those tonight. It's his swing-and-miss pitch. I was really impressed when he came back that he was able to kind of get a feel for it that quickly. He's done a good job.

You really do have to hand it to the OKC coaching staff. Bo Porter acknowledged them in his post-game comments:

When you come up and go down, you're given certain information of things you need to do to pitch at this level...these guys are taking heed to the information. They're going down and working on the things in which they need to work on. Our Triple-A staff is doing a tremendous job and they're coming down here ready to play.