Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh this is not good news for CSN Houston

Everybody wants everybody else to blink on this CSN Houston carriage deal. All it takes is one agreement! they say.

Back in May, Awful Announcing posted some thoughts on the CSN Houston impasse, noting that CSN Houston is asking for $3.40/subscriber in any carriage deal, more than the Yankees/YES get in their carriage deals.

So what's a fair market price? Well, considering that Fox Sports 1 (which debuts tomorrow morning) is getting...wait for it...23 cents per subscriber. And that's because DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Dish Network, and Cablevision didn't want to pay the 80 cents per subscriber that Fox wanted.

And I think it's pretty safe to conclude that, if you live in the blackout zone and want to watch Astros games, you should probably look into MLB.TV and one of those IP scrambler things...