Sunday, August 4, 2013

Matt Duffy promoted to Corpus

Via Greg Rajan, the Astros have promoted Matt Duffy from Lancaster to Corpus Christi.

Duffy was the Astros' 20th Round pick in the 2011 draft out of the University of Tennessee. In 63 games for Tri-City in 2011, Duffy hit .298/.370/.417 with 23 extra-base hits (20-1-2) in 266 PAs. Kicked up to Lexington in 2012, Duffy hit .280/.347/.447 with 49 extra-base hits (32-1-16) in 587 PAs. And so far for Lancaster in 2013, Duffy has fared even better, hitting .324/.399/.556 with 43 extra-base hits (20-4-19) in 367 PAs.

So good for Duffy, who will join Preston Tucker at Corpus as the first two position player 2013 Lancaster graduates. Tucker had a .928 OPS at Lancaster, and in 35 games (coming into the August 4 game) has an .822 OPS (after posting a .736 OPS in his first month at Corpus).