Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Astros Rank 23rd in annual Uni Watch power rankings

Now that I'm just looking for things about which to get pissed off, it's worth pointing out that, somehow, the Astros finished 23rd in this year's Uni Watch power rankings by ESPN's Paul Lukas.

It's nice to see the star-"H" cap logo again, but here's a weird thing about the new Stros uni set: The lettering on the front of the jersey is the same size as the lettering for the players' names on the back of the jersey. This makes the chest lettering look rinky-dink and the back of the jersey look clunky. Let's hope they address this for next season.

Somehow, they slipped from 19th in 2012

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Bru said...

I just hope they fix the stupid blue jerseys with the rainbow side panels. Have you noticed that they angle in at the waist? That makes them not only look trivial, but downright silly in a "let's find a way to make this piece make me look less fat" sort of way.

Just commit to the full rainbow stomach already and let us truly wash in the nostalgia.