Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Torreyes to Corpus

Newly-acquired 2B Ronald Torreyes has been assigned to Corpus while Sergio Escalona has been placed on the DL.

As @SteveInLC pointed out, this means Delino DeShields isn't coming up to Corpus (at least for now). I, for one, would have preferred to see DeShields up with the Hooks and Torreyes to Lancaster. DeShields, about two weeks older than Torreyes, is hitting .289/.388/.402 for Lancaster, while Torreyes was hitting .260/.337/.381 for the Cubs' Double-A affiliate. Curious, to say the least.


Terence said...

Lancaster is as extreme an offensive environment as you can find. Southern league is considered a pitcher's league. Torreyes' stats are much more impressive.

If Luhnow wasn't ready to promote DDJ 3 days ago, he shouldn't be any more or less ready now.

Anonymous said...

This dude looks like a prospect. His minor league numbers for his age are impressive, except for power. Is short, contact orientated second basemen the "new market inefficency"

Anonymous said...

Either that, or just another meaningless trade.