Friday, July 26, 2013

PreStros Morning Report: July 25

Oklahoma City (56-50), 3.0 GB

In a nice pitchers' duel, OKC fell 2-1 to Omaha in 12 innings. Jake Buchanan threw 8 IP and gave up 8H/1R with 4K:1BB. Kevin Chapman turned in a scoreless 2 IP with 1H and 2K:1BB. Jason Stoffel took the loss with 2.2 IP, allowing 1H/1R with 1K:5BB.

Robbie Grossman was 2x4 with 1 BB. Jimmie Paredes went 1x5 with a solo HR. Ruben Sosa was 2x4

Man of the Match: Jake Buchanan

Corpus (18-15), 1.5 GB

David Martinez turned in a complete game was the Hooks beat Midland 5-1. In 9 IP, Martinez gave up 9H/1R with 8K:1BB. He's now 12-2 with a 1.98 ERA.

Drew Muren was 1x3 with 1 2B, 2 R, 2 BB, and 1 SB. Domingo Santana went 2x5 with 1 SB. Zach Johnson was 2x3 with 1 BB and 1 R. Jio Mier was 2x3 with 1 2B and 1 R.

Man of the Match: David Martinez

Lancaster (22-13), 2.5 up

The JetHawks battled back but came up just short in their 4-3 loss to San Jose. Aaron West went 6 IP and gave up 6H/3R with 5K:1BB. Tyson Perez took the final 3 IP and allowed 3H/1R with 4 K.

Andrew Aplin went 2x4 with 1 2B and 1 RBI.

Man of the Match: Tyson Perez, for keeping Lancaster in the game.

Quad Cities (17-14), 3.5 GB

QC pitchers walked 7 batters as they lost to Burlington 5-2. Mark Appel threw 2 IP, allowing 1H/1R with 4K:4BB. Daniel Minor went 2.2 IP and gave up 5H/2R with 3K:2BB. Mitchell Lambson threw 3.1 IP and gave up 2H/2R with 3K:1BB.

Carlos Correa was 2x4 with 1 2B and 1 SB. Brian Blasik was 1x4 with 1 2B and 2 RBI.

Man of the Match: Carlos Correa

Tri-City (26-12) 5.0 up

The ValleyCats pitchers combined for a 2 hit shutout, beating Hudson Valley 1-0. Zach Morton went 5 IP, allowing 1 H with 3K:1BB. Albert Minnis threw 1 IP with 1 H. Randall Fant pitched 3 innings with 3 K.

James Ramsay was 2x4. Jon Kemmer went 1x3 with a solo HR.

Man of the Match: Morton/Fant/Kemmer

Greeneville (23-10), 4.0 up

Greeneville won their 13th straight, beating Johnson City 3-2. Frederick Tiburcio went 6 IP and allowed 2H/2R (1 ER) with 4K:5BB. Raul Rivera threw 3 IP allowing 2 H with 2 K. 

Tanner Mathis was 3x4 with 1 SB and 1 R. Chase McDonald was 1x3 with 2 RBI. Tyler White was 2x4. 

Man of the Match: Raul Rivera

GCL Astros (14-14), 3.5 GB


DSL Astros (24-20) 6.5 GB

It took 19 innings, but the Red Sox beat the Astros 7-5. Harold Arauz threw 5 IP and allowed 3H/2R (0 ER) with 6 K. Junior Garcia went 3 IP, allowing 1 H with 2K:1BB. Angel Heredia pitched 5 IP, allowing 2 H with 5 K. Yonquelys Martinez took the last 6 IP, giving up 4H/5R (1 ER) with 4K:1BB. In 19 innings, Astros pitchers only allowed 1 earned run and lost, thanks to 8 errors committed by the defense, including 3 by the catchers.

Luis Payano was 2x8 with 1 RBI. Randy Cesar went 2x7 with 1 BB, 1 3B, 1 R, and 2 errors. Hector Roa was 2x6 with 1 R. Jarico Reynoso went 2x7 with 1 BB, 1 3B, 1 R, and 2 RBI.

Man of the Match: The sporting goods manufacturer that replaced the defense's gloves with ping-pong paddles.